May 16th, 2005


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Hmm... I just remembered this little tiny keyboard that one of my friends in computer club had back in high school... I forget what it was called, looked like the numpad and some other things were completely dropped, and it had no 'border' area around the keys, it was really small. I think it was wireless too, but I'm not sure on that. And I'm pretty sure it was colored black.

Of course, it didn't look to be nearly as sturdy as my '87 Model M, and it obviously didn't have the nice clicky keys with good tactile like mine has.

I wonder, a hybrid of the two would be cool. tiny, stripped down keyboard, with the clicky keys and the battletank-like construction, and of course the detachable cord. Maybe just make it USB, with a USB-B socket on the keyboard? Maybe have USB-A sockets on the side in that case to plug other stuff in?

On a side note, I'm considering opening up my Fellowes MicroTrac mouse and replacing the (failing) little internal buttons inside with something a bit more durable, these things keep failing on me... might try to find some suitable guts from something else to make it optical, while I'm at it...
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Been thinking. You hear about all these emulators, and they all seem to use ROMs. I wonder how hard it'd be to convince an emulator to read from an actual cartridge port (Not sure how you'd implement it really, just a thought. Maybe a parallel-port adapter. Heh, I can just see a huge PocketNES cart with a NES game stuck into it... :P

Come to think of it, if a GBA can handle an NES emulator, why not a SMS/GG emulator? (The two systems are almost identical as far as code goes.) Maybe a 2600 emulator?