May 10th, 2005

Hail R&R Mag

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Am I the only one with 8-tracks anymore? I suppose part of the problem is the selection - they want more $$$ for the ones with music that doesn't suck. Although lots of stuff falls into that category, like AC/DC, big band, Metallica (dunno if they had any 8-tracks though), disco (I suspect some may not agree?), some stuff I also have on records (like ELO and this one called Signals, and of course lots of disco, AC/DC, and Judas Priest), and all sorts of different things.

Won a portable AM/FM/TV1(VHF)/TV2(UHF)/Weatherband/8-Track player off eBay the other day, since my AM/FM/8-Track/record player is most definitely /not/ particularly portable (could be worse for portability I guess, could be an old console player).

I should buy some more cartridges for it, definitely some AC/DC if nothing else.

BTW, anyone know where I can get a bottle of "Teac Stainless Steel Polish SP-3" (The SP-3 part might have a different number, but...)