April 16th, 2005

Glowing Food

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Anyone know anything about old refrigerators? I've been trying to figure out what model year an old Coldspot I saw once is, but I'm having no luck at all. Here's what I remember about it: It was one of those 'rounded' looking ones, the door went all the way to the top, it had 1 door, the handle, as I remember, was horizontal (not vertical like most pics I've ben seeing), there was a little (light? viewer? not sure...) in one of the letters in the Coldspot logo, the logo was near the handle, and as I remember a bit of the bottom of the p in the logo actually went down behind the handle. The handle was one of those that you pull and it apparently operates some form of latch or something. I'm /guessing/ it's from somewhere between the mid fifties and the late sixties, but I could be wrong.
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