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DiscoPanda's Panda-monium
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Tuesday, March 1st, 2005

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Interesting, someone seems to be using my default userpic (the 'Caffeine Inside' one that I made in MS Paint) as their default userpic, without anything even resembling credit.

At least when I use someone else's userpic, I leave credit in the comments field (Unless I don't remember who to credit, then I credit it to ???, If I have any of yours like that, just let me know and I'll fix it.)
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Ah, so that's how the Free Parking square works... :P

Stumbled across that image while using Google to look for more info about something else I stumbled over - this. It's a version of Jr. instead of a version of the normal kind, but hey, whatever.

Current Mood: intrigued
Does anyone know if there's an OS/2-tan? I've seen all sorts of OS-tans, even one for linux, but I can't find anything of the sort for OS/2, which is annoying. Maybe I'll just butcher an image of the Box version of Win98-1stEd-tan to fit...

Current Mood: irritated

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