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DiscoPanda's Panda-monium
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Saturday, January 29th, 2005

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Well, everyone else seems to put lyrics in their journals from time to time. Maybe I will too...

Lyrics under cutCollapse )

Picture above is a neat looking car. (assuming the picture shows up, that is.)

Current Mood: sore
Interesting article I found while searching the web about something -

In case anyone needs to connect an old 50's Automatic Electric AE-80 to a 2-wire modular-socket phone line, or wants to hook two of them to a 4-wire 2-line setup, here's how:
Tutorial under LJ-Cut.Collapse )

Bought Collision Course (by Jay-Z and Linkin Park) today, right now I'm listening to Side 2. I think I might listen to Side 3 of Reanimation (by Linkin Park) later today, since I got that, too. Or I might put one of my BeeGees or AC/DC records in instead. Maybe several (or even all) of the above.

Current Mood: geeky

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