December 28th, 2004

Panda Inside

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Haven't posted in a while, figured I'd let people know I'm still alive... Oh, and free random quiz thingie too, for no real reason. Plus as an added bonus, I'm not using my default user pic, because I felt like it.

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Panda Inside

(no subject)

I'm definitely considering buying a Game Theory Admiral, it's a really cool game thing. It kinda looks like a GBA (comparison picture), but it plays NES/Famicom games instead, and can be connected to a TV (and have controllers connected to it?), so it can be used as a console, too. In case anyone cares, here's a link to (a page from the manual.)

They come in two colors, pink and blue. Of course, I'll have to get the pink one, as the color denotes the video output to TV. (Pink is NTSC, blue is PAL.) Typical. Might get one and remove the casing, paint it black, and put it back on. You'd think /someone/ would offer replacement cases in different colors, like the weird-colored Afterburner covers offered for the GBA...
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