November 16th, 2004

Panda Inside

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Ok, this game is just weird.

Super Plusha image
Save a kidnapped rabit and a village which is placed in the crisis! Hair,a friend of cute baby bear Plusha, was kidnapped by alien. To save them, Plusha should collect super items and change himself into super Plusha.

A little bear Plusha saves his fluffy friend Tukki and their land from aliens. You may collect or buy super items to become Super Plusha. But it isn't necessary. You have just freed your friends. Many giant levels. Each level contains up to 16 levels of a parallax background. Some levels aren't linear. This game will support plug-ins (such as a free bonus level) and is already multilingual ! More precisely, Super Plusha is a long and beautiful platform game. Graphics are very nice and colorful that children might like and musics are superbs.

Nice review, huh? Looks interesting, but I don't have the player for it. Reminds me, I never did decide between the GP32 and the NeoGeo Pocket Color...
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Caffeine Inside

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Rambling stats on current self-inflicted project (design stage)

- 3 pushbuttons
- one 2-position switch
- 4 lights (1 red, 1 green, 2 whatever)
- 16 relays (12 non-latching, 4 latching)
- 4 solenoids interfaced
- 27 relay contacts used (23 normally-open, 4 normally-closed)
- 6 limit switches interfaced. (ok, magnetic reed switches if you want to be technically accurate)
- 2 pages on college-rule paper
- would probably need huge amounts of wire
- NOT an assignment. Not even extra credit.

Right now it's just in 'ladder' form. Thinking of drawing it up in 'schematic' form, relay pins numbered and all. Probably end up daisy-chaining L2 between relays, even though that's normally slightly frowned upon. But let's be realistic, this project isn't exactly normal, so I figure it's allowable. Normally it wouldn't be an issue anymore, since PLCs have taken over for huge banks of relays long ago. (Really this is probably nothing compared to some of the old relay setups, though.)

Yes, I really am crazy. Also slightly annoyed by the failure of the copy of "COBOL for Dummies" that I ordered to arrive yet. Maybe tomorrow. Also annoyed that there's no "Lisp for Dummies", I'd probably attempt that before COBOL even. Either one's bound to be better than my pokings at the Atari 2600's 6502 assembly language. :P
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