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DiscoPanda's Panda-monium
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Sunday, November 14th, 2004

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This is cool. But it's also about $60. Bummer. And it's the oldskool version, too, something some people probably don't even know about... :(

Current Mood: blank
Not a huge amount to update about, but some...

Got a copy of "COBOL for Dummies" off eBay, gonna try learning it maybe.

I really ought to get a bike. I had one here last year, but it was stolen from my house during the summer. I think I'll call my brother and have him fix up this old clunker I used to use - An ancient, rusty, massively beat Monark 1-speed with (shot) coaster brakes, a flat tire, and a chain that needs a good soak in transmission fluid. - Basically a big heavy deathtrap. At least I won't need much of a lock on it. :P I'll probably put a big rear basket on it too.

Now back to looking for the car adapter for my CD player. (The batteries are dead and the battery charger is occupied.)

Found some so-called 'art' I drew a while back, might do something with it if I ever get my old scanner hooked up to the parallel port and locate its driver disc.
Hmm, maybe I should be less random when it comes to non-computer things.

I was digging through my records, found one I not only hadn't played yet, but had completely forgotten I even own. - "DANCERSIZE(TM) - Look Good, Have Fun, Feel Fit" (C)1980

Of course, I took it out, threw it on the player, pulled out the little booklet that came with it, and went along as best I could. I think they made a typo on that "feel fit" part though, what they probably meant was "feel like s--t". Luckily I don't have the floor space for the "floorwork" stuff on Side 2.

Oh, btw, I suspect that dancersize wasn't meant to be done while wearibng corduroy pants, either. (Mine are red corduroy in case you're wondering, a hair long and a bit tight around the waist. Need to make one of those button-and-buttonhole waist extenders sometime.)

Current Mood: exhausted

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