October 22nd, 2004

Panda Inside

(no subject)

Hmm, been a while since I've updated my journal, been getting complaints from people missing my unique brand of random rambling...

Not sure what to complain type about first, stuff that would be cool to have, how much the hot beverages from the machine in the tech building suck, or assorted computer-related things.

I think I'll start with the beverage machine in the tech building. The tea sucks majorly, and the coffee is undrinkable it's so bad. Of course, to tell, you need to wait for it to cool, trying to not burn your hand through the cup in the meantime. Why can't it just dispense hot water so I can just bring a teabag and have everything waiting for me there?

The other day I actually had 21/59 logged in in my AIM buddy list! For me, that's amazing!

In other news, I hope that the 'D'->'6V Lantern' adapter for my flashlight comes in soon, then I can put rechargeables in it. (The non-rechargeable carbon/zinc 6V Lantern battery in it is starting to die.) I'd rather have a eVionyx EPM 100, but I can't find anywhere to buy one, and they never responded to my email, so I'm not even sure how much one of those costs even.

Speaking of batteries, anyone know where I could find an old 1950's 6V Lantern battery? I don't care if it works, I just want it for the shell. Maybe one of the old red-and-[blue|black]-with-white "9 Lives" batteries. Heck, I'd settle for a repro even, if it looked right. That way, when I get the battery adapter (or the eVionyx EV 100, or even a new battery), I can make it look right in my 1953 "Big Beam No. 164" lantern, which by the way is very little like the newer flashlights of the same brand and model.

Anyone know how to get a dial-up server to work right on Windows 2000? I followed the instructions in the 'connecting a dreamcast using win2k pro guide, except the blind dial and direct-connect stuff (I'm running it through an old 'Teltone TLS-3 Test Line Simulator 3' instead of direct-connect, so I don't need to blind-dial or trick the modem into picking up, and the computer modem makes all sorts of screeching noises and hyperterminal shows the correct stuff when it's running (tried with it both running and not running), so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong... Haven't done any of the NAT stuff yet, but it says it doesen't need that for the browser part, so...

Other random news: I'm definitely considering building a "Li'l 7" AM Transmitter to broadcast streaming music from my computer to my AM tube radio.

Not much else to type about, other than the moment's "stuff that would be cool to have" list... mostly consisting of Reanimation on vinyl, an FCC Part 15 AM transmitter, the ever-popular tube equipment, and maybe a ps/2 extension for my keyboard (it has a ling cord, but a couple feet more would be nice.)

Well, I guess that's about it for now. Questions? Comments? There's a reply thing around here somewhere I'm sure.