October 15th, 2004

Panda Inside

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Hmm, going home for the long weekend/break. Hope my parents show soon. (My car's broke.)

Random note: my birthday is in a couple days (the 17th), I wonder what I'll get? Maybe something sool, like tube stuff, or an LP of Linkin Park's Reanimation, or maybe even an AM microtransmitter! Then I can broadcast the audio I'm streaming from (via mplayerc.exe) to one of my old tube radios! :P

Hmm, I wonder how Reanimation would sound through a tube radio anyways? Or is that as unthinkable as my '77 GTE rotary fone? (reminds me, need to buy a tone box for it, might go ahead and make it a Silver Box while I'm at it, not that anyone knows what that means. And no, it won't be actually /colored/ silver, that's just a name.

Side note, I need to pack my computer up soon, I've just been informed that I need to be out of the dorm by 20:00 instead of the 21:00 that I was told earlier today and that all the signs mention. It's a few min until 19:00 currently. Bleh.

Well, back to finishing up my packing, shutting down all my stuff, and dragging my stuff to my car I guess.
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