September 9th, 2004

Panda Inside

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Hmm, 9.9.04 ... That makes what, 5 years now? Huh. And it's still thinking.

On a more coherent note, umm, ...oh heck, screw coherency.

Things to do/get/check:
- Door hinge pins (at least on passenger side.)
- Find out why temp gauge is acting wonky.
- Replace AC compressor clutch relay (so I can hook AC back up.)
- Recharge said AC.
- Replace trunk strongarms. (Then I can remove that stick from my trunk.)
- Get tuneup.
- Find place to get custom decorative plate for unused front holder. (Vanity plates would be cooler, but too expensive.)
- Do wash/vac. (Ok, what it really needs is paint, but whatever.)
- Something else, I'm sure.

Yeah, some of that's little or unimportant, but hey, should be done anyways. Because I say so.
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