August 14th, 2004

Panda Inside

The Funyuns are stuck in the machine!

There's some sort of D&D quiz going around, but it sucks, so I'll just tell what D&D characters I tend to do well with...

Usually I use a half-orc barbarian with a greataxe and massively boost his strength. I think at some point I may try an orc barbarian. The phrases "Krug smash!" and "Time to get ale!" are often used. When my current character goes epic I'll probably go with the epic-barbarian class, but I've been looking at a berserker class epic-level barbarians can use...

Someday I should try playing as a bugbear, apparently that's possible. Druids are kinda neat too though, since they can turn into animals. Or maybe a blighter? (anti-druid, basically, like blackguard to paladin.)
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