May 20th, 2004

Panda Inside

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Oh goody, eBay just f***ed up their "my ebay" page. It's ugly, it doesn't have the information where I wanted it, it sorts ended auctions as having infinite time left basically, and the useful tabs are missing from near the top.

I preferred when:
- Finished auctions were sorted as 0 time left
- all of the watched were shown on the main My eBay page, not just some
- watched/bidding/won/lost were all on the main My eBay page
- the other pages of My eBay were shown as tabs near the top of the page
- it wasn't so damned ugly

WTF isn't there a "Use classic My eBay" option?!? I anger!!!
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Panda Inside

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I just thought of an actual use for those transparent window things I keep hearing about - set the desktop to a webcam, mount the webcam on a hat, and run the computer's output to a cheap mini-tv strapped to your head. Then you can see the windows and where you're going at the same time!!! :D

Random fact of the moment: One volcanic eruption puts out more garbage into the air than anything vehicles have done combined. Yet everyone's so concerned about vehicles causing global warming. How freaking stupid is that?

Random note: I really need to find out what that burning oil smell coming from under my hood when I park is, it's really annoying.
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