May 12th, 2004

Panda Inside

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Well, I mnaged to get home from college in one piece... Got back friday AM, slept a lot, was ill over the weekend, and that's about it untill the past couple days.

Today was... Interesting.

First I drove my brother to school. (He still has classes.) Then I tried to go on the internet, only to find that the computer kept restarting itself. Turns out it was some Sasser thing. Killed that in safe mode with this "stinger" program, only for it to come right back when I booted into normal mode and trieed to do stuff. Disconnected from the web and removed it again, and it stayed gone. Dad got a router with a builtin firewall and wireless stuff, which seems to keep Sasser out. However, the laptop's WiFi seems to have trouble staying connected more than a second or so, I suspect the laptops s**tty internal antenna may be to blame.

I also got some videogaming stuff too. I got 2 more controllers (now I have 3), an OEM 4-in-1 memory card, Phantasy Star Online (It was about $16, I hear it's good, there's some japanese below the title I can't read though), Sonic Shuffle, and I think some other stuff too. Also I [unlocked|beat Arcade with] Blade Master in Soul Calibur, which is a fun game, especially with the Jump Pack in the controller. I should get a Broadband Adapter someday, except they tend to be damn expensive...

Anyways, I'm probably just getting boring now. Maybe I should go sleep? It is 4:46 AM here... :)

On second thought, sleep is boring. I saw Sonic Adventure 2 on at EB Games today, but it was $25. >.< Maybe when I'm not so broke... :) Heck, if I get enough $$$, I might get Unreal Tournament, too, since it's only about $9... Now if only I could find a Tekken 3 Bleem!cast disk...

On a non-gaming/computer note, I might get one of those coconut-smelling tree things, since the pump-spray stuff doesn't seem to work so well, and the gel-in-a-can kind smells bad and not like coconut.
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