April 29th, 2004

Panda Inside

Danger! Do not look into laser with remaining eye!

Yeah, I know, it's been a while since I've updated... it's been busy lately, econ tapes to watch, tests to take, final reports to write, finals coming up, that sort of stuff.

The other night I was out shopping behind some stores, and I got this stuff:

-- A copy of Newtype (sans cover)
-- A DVD with Ep.1 of "Nuku Nuku TV"
-- A sheet of stickers for something called "Azu Manga Daioh"
-- A milk crate with some mounting hardware in it
-- Some 'Pepsi' border I suspect was off a display
-- Some other junk as well

Apparently some moron recorded over the SSC: Live ((c)1980) audiocassette I got at Goodwill before they donated it, I'm rather annoyed, they even recorded over both sides! How rude! At least the 999-IN-1 handheld I got worked... (after I replaced the dead batteries, that is).

Apparently some people won't believe that diesel engines will run on vegetable oil... Then again, some morons claim that pandas aren't real, so yeah...
Panda Inside

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Random Idea: tts software + webcam + old laptop + 2 joysticks + motors/treads + wifi cards + microphone + deep-cycle battery + other misc. junk = fun(?)

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