March 15th, 2004

Panda Inside

(no subject)

If you call me:

DiscoSnorlax: You know me from online, but who knows where from - I've been using this nick online nearly forever.
Disco: Truncated version of previous.
DiscoPandamon: Probably saw me on Neopets.
DiscoTsukaimon: Old chat nick used occasionally years ago.
DiscoPandamon: More recent IRC nick, only used at one irc network so far. If you've seen it, you know where.
Bob Atari: You'd know me from the Digital Press forums.
Robert/Bob/Rob: Might actually know me IRL.
Bobert/Bobbert: Silly person, see above.
Roberto/Beto: You probably know me from spanish class in high school.
Stupid: You would be my idiot brother Lizard_Man_7777. Go Away.

Well, that's all I can think of at the moment, so I guess that's it. :)