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DiscoPanda's Panda-monium
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Monday, February 16th, 2004

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Basically my current case.

The color I'd like to paint it.
The fans I'd like for exaust/PSU.
The LEDs I'd like to replace all of the boring stock ones with.
Kinda the caselights I'd want, but closer to the fan's color.

Also, I'd cut out the metal where the exhaust fans go, and put in some real covers. I'd use radiation-symbol ones, but all the ones I see cover up almost half the fan area... Maybe the 'atomic' style ones... What I'd really like though is a wire-style 'radiation' fan grill... anyone know where to get one?

Any ideas/suggestions/comments?

EDIT: Oh yeah, I'd also window it with a big radiation-symbol shaped window. Or at least a huge round window with a frosted radiation symbol..

Current Mood: artistic
Random (and probably stupid) idea:

I wonder what it would be like if someone designed a cpu based on the Apple]['s cpu, in such a way that it would have the processing power to compete with 'modern' cpus, yet still run programs made for the ][, ][e, ][+, etc...? Kinda like how the newest x86 cpus can (at least in theory) run software made for the earliest x86 cpus (8008, 8088, 286, etc)

Just something interesting to think about, it'll probably never happen, but still... :)

Current Mood: contemplative

So far, 3 Work Units completed, and right now my machine's on 13/100 (13%) of a new one, and going ahead at 1% about every 5 minutes. (That's really fast as I understand.) :)

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