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DiscoPanda's Panda-monium
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Monday, December 15th, 2003

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Damn. Why the hell can't I have one of these?!? These things kick A$$! Something tells me they're probably kinda expensive, though... :( Still, they kick a$$, so... :P
Hmm, apparently my roommate objects to me watching the entire online set of Happy Tree Friends with him in the room... I don't see what his problem is, those things are hilarious!! Heck, a dvd of those would be even better than a new copy of JTHM: Director's Cut! They're really funny.

Right now my roommate is hiding under his pillow whilst Winamp loops between the mp3 and midi versions of the Happy Tree Friends theme song...

He confuses me sometime...

Current Mood: Wheeee!!!!!!!
Well, I just got an email from YesAsia.com, apparently they managed to get a Tails plush in stock after all, so now it's shipping out... Here's a quick excerpt from the email...

Order Date: Nov 25,2003
Shipping Method: US Postal Service
Shipped On: Dec 16,2003
Billing Method: Check or Money Order

Fun fun, eh? :P

Current Mood: accomplished

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