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DiscoPanda's Panda-monium
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Saturday, December 13th, 2003

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Not much to report today...

Wwent to Goodwill, got a bunch of those robots that turn into stuff, although they're kinda beat up.. Saw some game for the Intellivision called Utopia, but seeing as how I don't have an Intellivision, I didn't get it. Anyone ever heard of it? Should I go get it??

Went to a resale shop, bought a book, but that was all they really had...

Finally, went to the local pawn shop. Saw 1 Atari joystick, and a Combat cart, but no Atari. Ended up buying a scratched Grateful Dead cd for $1, seems to play ok.

Damn I'm bored. At least I've got a book to read. :p

Current Mood: bored.
It just occurred to me that there's something I've been wondering about for ages but never actually found out - exactly what the hell are 'grits' anyways? All I can figure is that it's supoposed to be some sort of food.

Current Mood: curious

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