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DiscoPanda's Panda-monium
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Tuesday, December 9th, 2003

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@#$% fire alarm keeps going off, and everytime it goes off everybody has to go outside... Very annoying.

Finally got my next semester schedule set up... took almost an hour, even though all but 2 of the classes were fixed-schedule "required" classes... apparently one of the prerequisites for the writing elective I took was English 101, and apparently the system had trouble understanding the concept of xclass credits transferred from other places, so my advisor had to call up the records office and they had to enter the class for us... then another of the electives I needed ended up being completely full, and most of the open classes conflicted with my schedule. I ended up with Intro to Economics... so now I have 18 hours scheduled for next semester, but whatever.

I should get a gues book for my LJ... hmm...

Current Mood: accomplished
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Yeah, I know, using a post as my LJ Guest Book is lame. I still don't care, though. :)
Does anyone know of a mega-simple circuit in series with a button so that when I hold down the button it acts like I'm hitting it over and over really fast? I'd rather avoid things like chips and weird stuff, and all the plans I see on the web use things like the 555 timer chip or need batteries or something, and I'd rather just use some capacitors or resistors or something like that...

Current Mood: annoyed

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