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DiscoPanda's Panda-monium
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Tuesday, November 18th, 2003

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Random quiz, "borrowed" from furociousgenom, who stole it from Maus merryjest.
?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??
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Current Mood: bored
Another random quiz... (yes, I should stop doing all these quizzes and post something productive, but screw that...)
Your soul is bound to the Solitary Rose: The Alone.
"When I wake up alone, the shades are still
drawn on the cold window pane so they cast
their lines on my bed and lines on my

The Solitary Rose is associated with loneliness, melancholy, and patience. It is governed by the goddess Merope and its sign is The Sword, or Unrequited Love.
As a Solitary Rose, you may be summed up as a hopeless romantic. You desire love and have so much love to give, but thing just never seem to work out the way you want them to. In life, you can be very optomistic, even when things are gray and nothing works out to your expectations.
What Rose Is Your Soul Bound To?
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Current Mood: blank

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