November 7th, 2003

Panda Inside

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Just downloaded a freeware program called "Alien Disko Systems 3000", it sounded cool, so I think I'll install it and mess around with it a bit...

On a side note, does anyone know how the heck to use REND386 ? I've been trying to figure that one out for a while...
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Panda Inside

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Took some sort of test thingy...

# Friendly, sociable
# Enjoys being with others, lending a hand
# Wants to accommodate others but tends to be quietly stubborn and controlling
# Works best in a structured, low-stress work place
# Experiences anxiety and worry
# Inconsistent behavior: can be deferring at one moment and aggressive the next
# Has very strong beliefs
# Conservative, conforming
# Prefers routine, likes structure and rules
# Moody; gets angry and irritable
# Finds it difficult to relax, to enjoy things
# May behave impulsively

Well, pretty close, especially saying I have "Inconsistent behavior", although I dunno what they were smoking when they said I'm conforming...
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Panda Inside

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I'm really really bored, so if I seem to go on and on, at least you'll know why... just be glad I'm not filling this post with results from those "What (insert something here) are you??" tests...

I really need to get my new computer put together... the one I'm on right now is a Presario 5020, with 256MB ram and less than 1/2gig left on it's 8 gig hard drive...

The new one is way better, it's going to have 1gig ram, 200gig hard drive, win2k, and all sorts of other cool stuff... The mobo box says it's an ASUS A7N8X Deluxe, supposedly that's a good thing...

I think once I get my new computer up I'm going to try to find some eps of Sonic Underground, it sounds interesting, and I tend to like interesting stuff...

Out of sheer boredom, here's my current WinAmp playlist.
# Built For Speed
# When Tomorrow Comes
# Fastest Thing Alive (NOT SatAM version)
# Society Girl
# Have You Got The 411
# Never Give Up
# Let's Do It To It
# Sonic Electronic [midi]
# Sonic 3 Mini-Boss [midi]
# Sonic Rave [midi]
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