November 4th, 2003

Panda Inside

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LiveJournal is cool. I can read things, interact with cool people, all sorts of neat stuff.

I'd say of all the robotic Sonics, my favorite is definitely Mecha Sonic from Sonic 2. What's yours? (and yes, the rolly dude from Spring Yard Zone does count, as far as I'm concerned.)

Hmm, cycled several songs in my playlist, so maybe I'll just put them here instead of in the box..

Currently listening to:
Sky Chase Zone (Late Remix) [midi]
Chemical Plant Zone (Chemical Spill Metal Remix) [midi]
Death Egg Zone (Legends Remix) [midi]
Emerald Hill Zone (Gospel Choir Remix) [midi]
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Panda Inside

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Silly Diabolical
Silly Diabolical:
Pain is best enjoyed with a side of hysterical laughter as the poor saps you've chosen for the day's play succumb slowly to your latest notion on what makes for a humorous demise -- always something totally over-the-top, because nothing less will fit your style!
Not Your Uncle's Alignment Test
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Who built your starship? by Nauta
Your name
Your shipEdge of Sanity
Commissioning dateSeptember 23, 2437
Designed byMaskawan (Raccoons)
Innovative featureHas the sport package
Design flawNo cup holders
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

Hmm, no cupholders, just like my @#$% Jeep Cherokee Laredo... >:(
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    Death Egg Zone Act 2 (Hardboiled Remix) [midi]