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DiscoPanda's Panda-monium
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Sunday, November 2nd, 2003

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Just loaded another new User Picture... I think I'll keep "Caffeine inside" set as my default, but I'll use this one from time to time also.

Current Mood: artistic
Hmm, this is obviously hypothetical, but I wonder what would happen if Sonic the Hedgehog and Swiftheart Rabbit met? I suppose it'd be like magnets. With magnets they either stick together really strong, or they knock each other across the room and break things. Then again, maybe magnets isn't a good analogy. I dunno. LOL, really fast blue magnets...

Random lyrics are fun...
♪Go Go go-go-go go-go
♪Gotta go fast! Gotta go fast!
♪Gotta go faster faster fasterfasterfaster
♪Dont, dont, dontdontdont blink, dont think
♪just go go go go go-go-go-go-go go!
I wonder how hard it'd be to make a pair of shoes? I'm thinking something with a really tall toe box, possibly slightly wider than standard, and with a comfortable, durable, non-marking sole, possibly something I can retread. I bet buckles would work as fasteners. (I don't really like tying things, and velcro is stupid..) I suppose with the huge toe box, I'd want a relatively stiff material for the upper... Dunno what though. I'd probably use a grayscale color scheme, with chrome or steel for any metal surfaces. Maybe one of those metal plates that goes around the front, too...

I really dunno.

Current Mood: confused
What Element Mage are you? by ximenes
First Name
Elemental PowerWater
Spiritual CompanionBear
Eye ColorBlue
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

hmm, water, I dunno... water is bad for my computers...

Current Mood: bored
I wonder why of the online ppl in my AIM buddy list, the majority are always away??
And why is nobody ever on Y!M ?!? even when I know they're online, Y!M shows them as not signed in... :(
Maybe I need to get that messenger that has the little flower, maybe that'd help?? I dunno...

I'm Uncle Jesse!

Take the "What Full House character are you?" quiz here.

created by Katie

Current Mood: blank

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