March 11th, 2003

Panda Inside

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Well, earlier today I got the smaller, $5 version of Share Bear, right now she's decided to wear my spike bracelet as a necklace...

Care Bear Movie II releases on DVD on the 18th... More info here.

Not much else to report, really...
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Panda Inside

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The invasion is obviously in a very advanced stage.
The GameBoy Pocket edition
The GBA edition
The Tamagotchi edition
..there are also sightings on cell phones, TVs, games, books, pencils, toys, McDonalds, entire stores, Hot Topic, usenet, usb hubs, MaximumPC, laptops, stores, shoes, and various inapropriate places..

The following was picked up in an alt. group... obvious sign of infiltration...

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| O  .  O | -Niao!

I'm scared...
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