December 7th, 2002

Panda Inside


All these problems may seem small, but they have a habit of adding up.. >_<

1) I seem to have 'misplaced' my digimon deck.
2) I also 'misplaced' somewhere in my room an envelope full of pins I want..
3) The weird tiny bruise from where my brother punched me with my spike bracelet won't go away...
4) someone used the buy-it-now on the Rainbow Brite Viewmaster reels I wanted off ebay..
5) Some other things, besides..

Oh well. at least I can try to buy the viewmaster reels somewhere els, and I'm sure the other stuff is somewhere in this mess...

On the bright side, my Digimon magnets were supposed to be shipped out today... :)

I really need to get cable internet...
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