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Random Food Quiz ('Borrowed' from mycroftb)

1. Are you a vegetarian? Vegan?
More like somewhere between omnivore and carnivore.

2. What's your favorite food?
Hard to say, so many good things to eat. Although a couple that rank near the top would be a big steak, cooked just enough that it doesn't bleed when you cut it open, or maybe this thing called a "breakfast haystack"*, it's full of win too.

3. White bread or whole wheat?
White. Although once in a while I'll use multi-grain for a sandwich.

4. What's for breakfast?
Breakfast? Usually I don't bother, unless there's pizza left over from the previous day, or if I'm near McDonalds before 10:30. (In which case I get a couple Sausage/Bacon/Egg McGriddles, and a couple hash browns.)

5. You're making a Dagwood sandwich. What's in it?
What isn't?

6. What's on your pizza?
Stuffed-Crust Meat Lovers.

7. Coffee, tea, milk, or soda?
Usually TaB, sometimes cheap generic Mountain Dew, occasionally coffee or tea.

8. Dark, milk, or white chocolate?
White chocolate. Once in a while dark chocolate.

9. Teetotal, beer, wine, or hard liquor?
I usually don't drink too often, but I don't really have anythinmg against it, either.

10. Does cilantro taste like citrus, or like soap?
It tastes like cilantro.

11. Is chorizo the greatest thing ever or is it totally disgusting?
What's a chorizo?

12. Do you use garlic like a vegetable or like a spice?
Let's just say that my garlic butter usually ends up as more of a garlic-and-butter paste from the amount of garlic in it.

13. Onions: raw, cooked, or not at all?
All of the above.

14. Does broccoli taste sweet or bitter?
It tastes like broccoli.

15. How do you feel about fish?
Sure, why not?

16. How about sushi?
It's ok. Usually I just get the one labeled 'eel' though.

17. Fave ethnic cuisine?
No idea.

18. What's your favorite fruit?
What's that kind of pear that's a sort of light brown outside instead of yellow or green? They're good.

19. Cheese - thumbs up or thumbs down?
Cheese is fine. Especially if it's been deep-fried.

20. Finally, favorite dessert?
Hard to say. Although I do like rice pudding, it's good.

*Breakfast Haystack: -- Found these at a truck stop I'm near once in a while. -- Take a plate. Cover it with hash browns. Put a few biscuits on. Put scrambled eggs on it. Cover it all with lots of sausage gravy. Add on top choice of 3 strips bacon, 3 sausage links, or 2 (smallish) sausage patties. (I usually pick the bacon.)

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