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New SecondLife Viewer - It Sucks!

Ok, whoever's in charge of the SL viewers should be yelled at.

Here I was, started up my old 1.18.? viewer, which worked fine, and I get this big red message about "mandatory update" or something. So I let it.

It installs 1.19.1 - and suddenly everything sucks! Tried increasing draw distance - no go. Tried increasing cache - still no go. I can zoom the camera out, and random pieces of things just start vanishing for no reason!

So I try downgrading to an older version someone linked to on the forum, 1.19.0 - Well, things don't disappear when I zoom out now at least.

Also, I'd like to say that the new 1.19.x UI sucks compared to the old 1.18.x UI. About the only thing they did that was an improvement to it was finally letting you kill that damn "Search" box they forced on you a few versions back that was covering up the stat bars.

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