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Heh. I was catching up on reading vgcats, and I followed a link to some other comic called Namir Deiter. It's pretty good, although once in a while they'll use some text that's a little small for my tastes.. (1024x768 resolution will do that a lot, even with my fancy Mitsubishi monitor that has a 36" diagonal...)

On a side note, one of these days I may even get up enough nerve to ask one of the wizzards at that telnet to let me out of the "Guest Room" (actually a dark box with no exits), so that I might check the place out a bit...
Apparently for some types of account there you need either an email addy from certain domains, or to snail-mail a photocopy of a photo ID... I wonder if they'd accept a scan of a photo ID attached to my join email? Does it have to be a driver's license or can it be my college ID? So many unanswered questions... :(

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