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Nice, LJ just added content filtering. And guess what? Some idiot set the default for "Safe Search Filtering" to "Use moderate filtering" instead of "Do not filter my results". And apparently there's some B.S. about it needing your age entered to show some things. Mine's already entered anyways, but that's not the point.

WTF can't people set the defaults to act like things were before unless someone explicitly wants it set up a different way? In some ways this is more annoying than the time they decided to change my LJ settings off of XColibur to some stupid-looking thing that didn't work right for me and hid the option to put it back on some page that they never bother to actually give you a link to...

I just hope it /remembers/ my settings, unlike those @#$% 'preview' windows that links on people's journals keep having, I tell them disable and later they all come back anyways, and I need to disable them all over again!

You can change the "Safe Search Filtering" setting at the bottom of this page, and you can set your birthday on this page. Oh, and they hide the way to set the site scheme back to XColibur or Dystopia on this page.

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