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Weather = suck. Was nice most of the day, then suddenly BAM! Rain, thunder, lightning, strong winds, the lights occasionally flickering...

Speaking of things that suck, the other day I went over to Accents Etc to get some more gum - and the place was empty! No store inside! Now I need to find a new place to get Blackjack, Beeman's, and that strawberry-flavored gum they had that was made in Japan. (The strawberry gum is good, and about the only gum I've ever managed to get a decent bubble from, too... Think they had it at Smart Fun too, but that store seems to have vanished from the face of the earth also...)

Also, the other week I was upgrading the radio in the '90 Caravan C/V that I'm working on, and saw that on the cable with the black plug there was what I first thought was a short extension, until I noticed that the radio end had 6 wires going into the plug, while the harness end only had 4 wires going into the plug. Did some looking, and apparently what the plug does is to tie RF+/RR+ together, and to tie LF+/LR+ together. Then again, considering the complete lack of rear speakers, this does seem like it might be a reasonable thing to do...

So, to recap: Weather sucks, stores disappearing, found a weird radio adapter.

Side note: The ceiling is emitting water in a couple spots in my room now... WTF. I think the roof needs fixed...

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