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w00t! My new NAOMI that I ordered off eBay just showed up. :D

Now I just need to get a PSU, and a few cartridges for it, and find a way to attach a controller to it...

Anyone know of a small, cheap PSU for +12v/+5v/+3.3v that'll supply at least 200W (300W would be even better - slightly overkill, actually)? Doesn't need fancy plugs, doesn't need a casing, just needs to supply that wattage and those voltages and be small... (smaller is better, but cheaper is better too. Don't mind repurposing old laptop parts or other PSU sources, either, as long as it does what I want.) Plan to wire it up /inside/ the casing actually, instead of having a big box bolted to the outside of the NAOMI.

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