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LJ stuff, Books, Christmas List...

A) The new update.bml is stupid. It sucks. The only things I like about it are that it adds the "view thumbnails" popup feature, and that it still goes to HTML mode for me. (Don't know anything about "Rich Text" mode, never used it, don't really care to.)

B) On a vaguely-related note, am I the only one who changed their LJ theme back to XColibur, or has anyone else done that too?? (I forget what the new one's called, but I like the XColibur better, plus as I remember some browsers I've tried glitched pretty bad on the dropdowns on the new one too for some reason...)

C) On a side note, someone I know recommended I buy some book called R.O.D., said I might like it... Sounds interesting, from what I looked up about it. Maybe when I'm not so broke I'll get book one and go from there... :)

D) Still thinking about what to ask for for christmas. So far I'm thinking a couple DVD sets and a GBA SuperCard SD...

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