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Anyone know anything about EconoLodge's "Internet User's Rate" ($45.50/night) other than the fact that it's 10% cheaper per night compared to the "Standard Rate" ($55.00/night)??

Yeah, $5.50/night over two nights isn't a /huge/ amount, but should be more than enough to cover the gas to go 12 miles each night/morning. :)

(Two nights meaning leave home Friday after classes, arrive mid-Friday, check into hotel Friday night, sleep in hotel for Friday/Saturday nights, check out Sunday morning, then drive home (Sunday night/Monday morning, you could call it either), to make it home before I need to leave for classes Monday morning.

Yes, I'm probably crazy for even /contemplating/ driving home from Chicago on the tollways at small-number-in-the-morning-o-clock... :D

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