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Dang. How many different Build-a-Bear boxes are there?!?

So far I've seen:

  • Standard box - blue-on-white
  • Halloween box - black-on-orange
  • Valentine's box - white-on-red
  • North Pole box - blue-on-white
  • Build-a-Dino - green-on-(white? pink? bad photo...)
  • Red Sox Clubhouse box - ???-on-??? (No Pic)
  • Bamboo pattern box - Green?-on-White? (No Pic)

Any I missed?? (What would be /really/ cool would be getting some of these, especially the bamboo design one, but for now I suppose I'll have to settle for pictures...)

Maybe someone should set up a webpage showing pictures of all the different designs, maybe listing where/when to get them (if possible), when each was introduced, etc. Maybe even list the wardrobe-shaped one for clothing or ones for knockoff brand bears... (such as this for example...)

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