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Hmm. Number of things to update about.

Fixed the lawnmower. Bolted a metal plate over where the deck rusted out, attached the wheel assembly to the metal plate in the spot over where it rusted off the deck. Mowed the lawn.

Preregistered for FMF a couple days ago. Still need to decide how I plan to get there from here ('here' being Valparaiso, Indiana). For Morphicon I took a rental car, but that and gas cost a decent chunk of money...

Almost ended up riding with someone else, but they planned to leave early Thursday, and I have classes on Thursday until 23:20 (same timezone as Chicago)... Although I don't actually /need/ to be back home until mid Tuesday. (Have classes off that Monday, some holiday or something.) Suppose if I rode with someone I could pay a share of the gas money...

Either way there's a good chance of me sharing a room with someone, simply to save $$$. :)

Let's see, saw a vehicle fopr sale online I kinda like, less than 30 miles from here, but /I/ don't have the money for it, and dad says they want too much for it. (Although I checked, and it /is/ selling a couple hundred below Blue Book value...) Maybe I could make /some/ of the $$$ using the aforementioned lawnmower that I fixed. :/

I get the feeling that I'm forgetting to mention something interesting and/or important, but I haven't the slightest clue /what/. Oh well, maybe it'll occur to me later. :)

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