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First off, went down to the public library this morning, paid my $14, filled out a bunch of forms, took the technician-level exam - and now have a CSCE (Certificate of Successful Completion of Examination) stating that I have "passed written element 2" and have earned a Technician class license! :D

Hopefully in (probably about a week and a half), I'll be assigned a callsign, and will have all sorts of fun privileges. :)

Right now I'm looking at an old Kenwood TR-2600a handheld on eBay, just hope the price doesn't go too high (I don't really have a lot of spare money...)

On a side note, found this picture while browsing the web, figured a few of the people on my friends list might like to see it. They might also possibly mangle, crop, and/or recolor it into userpics for themselves even, knowing some of them. :D

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