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Hmm. Apparently being 2006-06-06 is a big deal. I hear they're having a big party up in Hell, MI. even.

Random Video:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9y0_D4hrg4 (I have a way awesome-er version on one of my 8-tracks, though...)

Why is it so hard to find a silver, short-length, ('89 or '90) (Caravan or Voyager) anywhere but Oregon or Connecticut or somewhere equally far away from NW Indiana?!? (They especially like to show up in Oregon for some reason...)

And even though I was thinking of installing a 2.2L T-II when i get one, now I'm considering a 2.2L T-III instead, even though they're harder to get and cost more (same for parts for it...) It's the DOHC I-4 turbo engine. :) (Well, I suppose I could try to mix-n-match a 2.2L T-II with the 2.2L non-turbo DOHC, but that's probably a bad idea and a lot more work...)

And of course stick with the other ideas I had -- out-of-view 3" exhaust, high-flow air filter, 1-step-lower-temp plugs than stock, maybe a custom-calibrated ECU, possibly change to a hybrid turbo (remember - bigger isn't always better - bigger turbos have bigger 'turbo lag'), those sort of things... And if I go with the T-III, maybe convert the timing belt to a timing chain, those things like to eat the belts apparently. (Luckily, they're non-interference engines, meaning that when the belt goes it won't take the rest of the engine with it.)

...and now I'm rambling. I should stop now. :D

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