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Somebody set up us the scanner...

Yes, I /finally/ got the scanner set up. Not a fancy scanner, and apparently I've lost the lid, bot it works. :)

According to the box it's an AOC Spectrum F-1210 "High Performance CCD Flatbed", with the following "features":

- Windows 3.1, 95, 98, and Windows NT compatible
- 36-bit, single pass
- Optical resolution: 600 X 1200 DPI
- Maximun resolution: 19,200 X 19,200 DPI
- Easy connection by EPP/SPP interface

...yeah, probably not that impressive...

Did do some scans though. :)

(Yes, the first scan's a bit crooked, but I'm too lazy to rescan it...)

And yes, I realize how awful the subject line is, but it simply occurred to me as I started the post and I just couldn't resist. :)

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