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1:0 (07)

I need to get a record player that doesn't suck. I hear a "Technic SL-1200 Mk-II" is a good kind...

Well, reserved a rental car earlier today. That's useful. (I don't particularly trust my Jeep Cherokee for particularly long distances... it's got issues...)

Need to swing by Wal-Mart and pick up some 110 cartridges. And round up a couple spare 9V batteries from around the house. But mostly need the cartridges.

I have battery-powered glowsticks. They're cool. And they glow white. Probably go well with my grayscale tie-dye shirt.

Maybe I'll play some Pop'n Music later, I dunno. Might play Rez, too. Both fun games.

I should replace the so-called "shelving" at the end of my bed before it collapses and buries me alive in DVDs, VHS tapes, Dreamcast games, and mangas. Well, there's a few other things up there too, like a few issues of 2600 and Blacklisted-411, a strobe light (it was free, someone threw it and some other neat stuff out), some spare NICs, and a 100+ piece Rainbow Brite puzzle...

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