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Camera: Kodak Tele-EKTRALITE 600

Interesting. Can't find a manual anywhere online for my used-but-new-to-me camera, but I can guess things based on the markings on it and bits of general camera info off the web.

Judging by markings/looking:
- It automatically detects between ASA-100 or ASA-400 film.
- It automatically detects whether or not flash is needed.
- It can be set (manually) to "norm" or "tele". Within the "tele" setting you can pick from mountain, person, half-person, head-with-shoulders, or head.
- According to markings, mountain is oo-25ft/oo-8m, person is 50-10ft/15-3m, half-person is 12.5-6.5ft/4-2m, head-with-shoulders is 7-4.5ft/2.1-1.4m, and head is 4.5-3.5ft/1.4-1.1m.
- According to same markings, (in normal presumably), ASA-100 is 4-12ft/1.2-3.7m and ASA-400 is 4-18ft/1.2-5.5m

Odd thing I read:
- Apparently the Kodak film I bought, listed as 400, is actually 400 film in a 100 cartridge, and I need to cut some sort of tab off the cartridge or the camera will think it's 100 and mess up the pictures or something... (I haven't opened the packaging on the cartridge to check though, but still... You'd think Kodak could at least follow /their own/ technical standards...)

I wonder how hard it'd be to have one of these cartridges reloaded with something like Fuji Neopan? Hmm...

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