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6xAAA to InfoLithium adapter?

Apparently an InfoLithium battery costs about $57 at WalMart, and Staples doesn't even have them.

Would it work to take a dead InfoLithium, gut it, and stuff it with 6x NiMH AAA batteries? (6*1.2V=7.2V)

Maybe make it so the batteries 'clip into' the side, since the battery compartment is just barely wide enough one direction to put 2 rows of AAA in but more than wide enough the other direction for 3 per row (but not 4 in a row). Then I could pop them out when i need to charge them, too.

The reason for attempting this is that the $15 DigitalMavica with 2x-speed FD and 10x optical zoom that I just got didn't come with batteries, I'm cheap, and I figured someone reading my journal might know a bit more about batteries than I do.

(Actually, I don't even know where to get a dead InfoLithium battery, any ideas?)

(x-Posted to electronics. Made this post to some forums too, actually.)

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