DiscoPanda (discopanda) wrote,

I just had a cool idea. Anyone remember Doomtrain from FF8? An HO-scale Doomtrain would be really cool. Especially if it actually moved around when power was applied across trhe tracks like a normal HO locomotive. :D

And did they make it this hard to get things out of this rackmount case on /purpose/?!? Removing the motherboard alone requires a phillips screwdriver, a pair of pliers, and a hex key. Not to mention the bazillions of screws holding everything else in place. Not to mention that I'll need to replace the case fan. Apparently at some point it failed (it was really stiff, too,) so they simply cut the plug off the cord and let the wires hang there. [sarcasm]Really nice.[/sarcasm]

Once I'm done removing all the old, outdated components, I plan to take the components of my current computer out of their massively oversized case, and put them into the rackmount case. :)

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