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whirrr-click. whirrr-click. whirrr-click.

(STILL posting from brother's computer!)

* Old WD2000 200GB Hard drive - check
* new Maxtor 200GB DiamondMax hard drive - check (two actually, planning to mirror them if all goes well)
* spare 6GB drive I had laying around, preformatted - check
* freezer space - check (barely)
* several Ziplock bags - check
* antistatic bag - check
* big bag of silica gel - check
* ice pack thingies - not check yet.
* several cans of compressed air - not check yet.
* table space by the air conditioner - check (well, almost. Working on it)
* MaxBlast 4 disc - check

Well, a few more supplies, an overnight in the freezer, and we'll see what happens. Wish me luck I guess... :(

Any other suggestions? (Remembering that I have a finite amount of $$$)

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