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Think I'll throw up some ideas, see what the general concensus on them is.

Been thinking of getting a big dish and whatever cables/boxes I'll need to hook into it with.

The dish is the easy part, I know someone who has one laying around that they have absolutely no use for, other than scrap metal.

Since I tend to be nearly broke most of the time, I'll probably build the positioner circuit myself (it's mostly a 1K or 10K potentiometer, a dpdt switch, and a power source as I remember.

Also due to the general low-on-cash, I'll probably start out with a C-only box (Hopefully a LNB 950-1450 block and not just an LNA 70MHz, although I may end up settling for LNA at first...), and probably later a C/Ku converter to plug into the setup.

...@#$%... The 120mm fan in my little brother's computer in the other room just let out its magic smoke, now I'll have to go pick up a new one tomorrow.

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