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Lol, I just noticed - Anyways, I run this Folding@Home thing, right? Noticed it's been taking nearly 45 minutes a %, which is longer than it usually takes my machine on these things. So I check my stats file:

Current Work Unit
Name: p889_p53dimer889
Download time: August 2 11:50:15
Due time: October 19 11:50:15
Progress: 44%  [||||______]

Okay... So I look up the WU on the list their site...

WU#	# of Atoms 	Preferred (days) Final deadline (days) 	Credit	Frames	Code
889	12248		54.00		 78.00	 	 	272.00	100	GROMACS

In other words, roughly 3 days for something with a deadline several months from now. :D

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