DiscoPanda (discopanda) wrote,

Hmm. Lots of stuff to update about today. May or may not be in chronological order.

Did a bunch of walking today. Alright, it was more like me and one of my brothers chasing the icecream truck about a bazillion blocks around town, but we /did/ catch it. And we got icecream things. Then we had to walk all the way back home.

Saw some nifty machinery working on the railroad by my house. And they all rode on the tracks. There was one thing that pulled out spikes, a machine to drag the bad ties out from under the tracks, two cranes (one to stack up bad ties and one to set new ties,) another machine like the second to line up and shove in the new ties, one to lift the track for people to put these little metal plates in place on the new ties, one to drive in new spikes, and finally one to put the rocks back up against the new ties.

Also dad mentioned something about maybe getting me a car, since I don't like this Jeep Cherokee thing. Not sure what sort of car I want. Maybe an '80s Charger, or perhaps another Shadow. Not really sure.

In case anyone was wondering, no, the subbed widescreen Totoro DVD I ordered off eBay hasn't arrived yet, but it still has a while 'till the end of the estimated shipping time.

For anyone in Valparaiso who would know: Do they still have those things upstairs at the Court restaurant, the things with the loud music, or did they move it somewhere else or stop it or something? I'm a bit out of the loop and was kinda wondering.

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