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I was out today, and picked up something /really weird/ that someone was tossing out. Anyways, there was this pile of junk (some busted plywood, an old couch, etc.), and poking out of tyhe corner I saw what I at first thought was an old Beta player. At this point I was like "Sweet, maybe it still works, been looking for one of these...". Upon closer inspection, however, it wasn't a Betamax player. It was one of these, a very beat up Quasar VT-1000. Also found 3 tapes for it, 2 in their cardboard sleeves, one without its sleeve. Dunno if it powers up or not - whoever unhooked it did so by cutting the coaxial cords and the power cord right up by the machine. The cut-off coax is easy enough to deal with, just unscrew it, but the power cord... :/

I wonder if there's anything I can do with it??

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