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Been a while since I made an entry. This one will probably ramble on and change subjects and stuff, but hey, this is me typing, what did you expect? :P

Anyways. Got a little mirror ball meant for hanging on a rearview, pulled out the little loop of string, stuck in an eye screw, and added one of those bead-chains. (The kind banks use for pens, this one was meant to be a replacement pull for a ceiling fan.) Needless to say, it looks really cool. And shiny.

One of these days I should get an old ASR-33 just for the heck of it, but I dunno where to get one at all, let alone a cheap one. Any ideas?

Hooked my Realistic TRC-24C to an old generic 250W AT psu I had laying around. Tried it a couple times for a few seconds and it didn't catch fire or anything, so that's good. Hope it'll do the job. I really need to learn how to use this boxy meter-looking thing, the big knob on it can be set to cal, mod, rf power, swear, and another cal setting, and there's a little knob under each cal setting.

I really need to get around to checking out that '37 Burroughs Class 9 Electric Portable adding machine I got a while back, except if something goes wrong and trips a breaker, the ppl in the next few dorm rooms over will be pissed at me, and I really ought to have an _isolation transformer_ first.

I wonder if they make a PCI Disk ][ card? That would be really cool. Heck, an ISA one would be semi-cool, although I'd have to dig around a bit for something to put it in...

And if I'm lucky, this thingy I found won't get mangled. Hopefully the PRE tags will help...

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