Tablet, Firefox Mobile, APKs, &c.

Got a tablet the other day. Still poking around at it, but I did manage to install Firefox, plus a couple other APKs I found on onto it at least.

I just wish that I could find more addons that worked with this version of Firefox, all the ones I keep seeing only seem to go up to Firefox Mobile 4.x or something, and mine says it's 15.0 apparently...? Kind of making me want to downgrade.

It also says Flash is installed and working, but clicking on any flash thing just turns it into a gray box, and telling Firefox to upgrade Flash just opens up some "SlideME" program that obviously has no idea what do do with whatever Firefox told it. (Looking in about:plugins it says I have " Shockwave Flash 11.1 r115" if that means anything to anybody reading this...)

Would also be nice to be able to remove "share" from the menu (I don't plan to use it, plus then I wouldn't need to scroll the menu to use Quit), and maybe to remove the "Set up Firefox Sync" button from the Home page...

Anybody know any fun apps I should try? Found some interesting stuff on that I've been messing with at least. Maybe I'll try out that "SlideME" thing my tablet has, it looks to have a bunch of free apps in it...
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Has anyone else looked at the new version of update.bml that LiveJournal is working on? The one that takes the nice compact sets of dropdowns and such above and below the main input box, and pretty much just strews them around the page? Did we /really/ need that?
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Firefox crashes after upgrade to Flash 11.3 - How to fix!

Turns out that the latest version of Flash (11.3) will cause Firefox to crash on closing the browser after you've watched flash content, due to a new "feature" they added.

Here's how to fix it:
Note - they say the feature is for "Firefox 4.0 and greater", but it also causes the same crashing in FF 3.6.x! The same fix still applies though.
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Interesting thing I found with the current Google Doodle...

On a computer running Firefox 3.6.x (don't ask why, it just is.)

Clicking the doodle just redirects to a search, and under it it says "Upgrade to a modern browser and see what this doodle can really do." (pushing Google Chrome, of course.)

So I mess with my User Agent (Setting it to one for Firefox 12). It's still pushing Google Chrome, but otherwise the doodle works JUST FINE, and I can play music on it!

I even tested it with html5.enable set to the default "false" instead of "true" like I usually have it set, to see if that was it - nope, still worked just fine.

Why are they stopping the doodle from running on Firefox 3.6.x if it works just fine? Are they really that desperate to push their browser on people?
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Well this is interesting...

Recently managed to download a PDF scan of (what appears to be a photocopy of) the manual for my microwave... found this interesting bit on one of the pages near the front:

I wonder if this still applies? The manual seems pretty insistent about it after all... Or will they be *really* surprised and/or confused if somebody actually does this after so many years?

(For that matter, what exactly *is* a "registered microwave product"?)
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T-34 Tank Blueprints/Schematics?

Maybe I'm using Google wrong, but whenever I look for schematics or blueprints for a T-34 tank, all I can seem to find is line drawings, diagrams of the inside layout, assembly guides for T-34 model kits, and other things that aren't what I'm looking for. Nothing seems to have anything even resembling dimensions, and I'm sure it wouldn't work very well to look up the length of one and try to scale up a line drawing or model kit to get dimensions. (Plus that wouldn't tell me things like plate thicknesses, &c.) Things like tracks are probably easiest done by ordering a track plate off eBay and sand casting copies though. (Of course, doing that just makes it even more important to get the sizes on the rest of the parts as close to accurate as possible...)

Any ideas?
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Funny HTML Tag Idea...

Just had this funny idea.

In HTML, pages have a "header" section that uses <head> and </head> tags.
They also have a "body" section which uses <body> and </body> tags.

Perhaps they should add a "wrists" section that encloses all of the other sections. That way you can end it all with </wrists> :-P

(Yeah, I know, that joke was pretty bad and I should feel bad. Still funny though.)

This message brought to you by: Google Glasses: A New Way to Hurt Yourself
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Video conversion?

Does anyone reading this know much about video conversion?

Let's say I have some video files. Some 720p, some NTSC resolution, mostly mp4 and occasionally flv. Maybe throw in a few DVDs just to complicate things.

Let's also say that I have a portable device with a WVGA display. And it always stretches things to fill the screen. (Some of the stats on the box include "Audio support: MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, OGG format" and "Video support: MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG 4 (Xvid), Divx, H.263, H.264, RM/RMVB, WMV7/9, MKV, MOV, VOB, FLV". It also has "eBook support: EPUB, PDF, TXT, FB2 format", although it tends to do atrocious things trying to reflow PDFs...)

Anyways, assuming I wanted to put those videos on that device, scaled down to the native resolution where larger, and hard-letterboxed to that screen ratio, what would be the best way to do it? Possibly also converting any audio down to stereo to save space (mono onboard speaker and stereo headphone jack), since it only has 2GB of storage capacity, and some of that is full of books.

Any ideas?
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More Adventures in Video Cards

First off, for anyone not so interested in computery stuff, here's a pretty good YouTube video I found through Reddit earlier at least: Portal 2 - This Is Aperture

Computery stuff to follow:

Continuing from

Bought an 80mm fan (this one, if you're curious), and screwed it to the card heatsink by running screws between the heatsink fins. (Of course, the screws that came with it were WAY to wide, and standard case screws were too short, so we went to the hardware store and got some screws that were basically double-length case screws. (Self-threading even!) Then used the 4-pin molex adapter to connect the fan to the connecter that the old video card used (the new one is bus-powered!)

Idle (before fan): ~38C
Idle (after fan): ~32C
Minecraft (before fan): ~53C-55C
Minecraft (after fan): ~43C
hashing program (before fan): >70C (That's the point I stopped it, since I don't know how hot these cards will handle safely...)
hashing program (after fan): ~52C-53C (definite improvement there.)

The other oddity I've seen is that a hardware comparison says a GT 430 should get 20.24 MHash/s, but mine only seems to do ~8.3-8.7 MHash/sec? Maybe I should try some different hashing programs or something...

Still need to find one of my parts computers that has another 3200+ in it to swap out with this one, if I'm lucky I'll be able to pull a 1GB stick of PC3200/DDR400 DDR1 from it too, increase this one from 2GB (2x1GB) to 3GB (3x1GB) (the max this board will take)...
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